Les différents ports et usines des produits de la mer au Maroc

Introduction and Missions

Sets to support the Efficient, Sustainable, and Innovative Development of the Fishing Industry in Morocco

Strategic partner for the development and sustainability Of the Moroccan fishing industries

FENIP is a group of associations dedicated to the fishing industry. Together, we contribute to the local and international influence of the sector, by highlighting the human technicity, the industrial competitiveness and the diversity of the fishing industry in Morocco.

FENIP is a professional organization established on November 21, 1996, and brings together 7 professional associations encompassing over 300 seafood processing and value-added companies operating in the six sectors of the industry (canned fish, semi-preserved fish, freezing of seafood products, fish meal and oil, aquaculture, agar-agar).

- National union of canned-fish industries UNICOP ;
- Moroccan association of semi-preserved fish AMASCOP ;
- National association of fishmeal and fish oil producers ANAFAP ;
- National association of seafood freezing industries ANICOM ;
- Seafood industrial federation FIPROMER ;
- The aquaculture industry represented by the AMA & UNAM ;
- Seaweeds processing sector AGAR-AGAR.

Our values

What are the values of FENIP?

  • Equity :

Providing quality service to all our members.

  • Sustainability : 

Engaging through targeted, relevant, and value-driven actions.

  • Engineering : 

Promoting innovation and creativity in the pursuit of performance.

  • Ambition : 

Energizing the sector with respect for sustainability and ethics.



We have made diversification of production one of the key pillars of our strategy, urging operators to align themselves with the pace of innovation as much as possible. The objective is to enable equipped local production units to diversify their output by expanding their offerings to other product ranges that are in line with market trends and consumer habits.

Furthermore, FENIP places the sustainability of fisheries resources at the center of its work program, aiming to preserve the significant wealth our country possesses while assisting the sector in addressing the challenges and tools for market access. This is done with full compliance by public and private authorities, producers, and exporters, adhering to sanitary, quality, ecological, and social standards.

Creating opportunities: serving industrial, commercial, and logistical sovereignty

Promoting coopetition: among fishing industries for collective success

Anchoring uniqueness: of the Moroccan brand and the authenticity of its resources.